Being India’s first end-to-end sugar industry consultancy organization, JPMA’s vision and aim has always been to help in achieving optimum throughput in terms of maximum production in most cost and process efficient manner.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive one-stop engineering and consulting services to our Clients.

JPMA’s services encompass :

    1. Conceptual Studies

  • a) Pre-Feasibility Studies
  • b) Feasibility Studies
  • c) Technical Reports for modernization and expansion
  • d) Detailed Project Report
  • e) Bankable Detailed Project Report
  • f) Transaction Advisory Services
  • g) Energy Audit Reports
  • h) Due Diligence Reports
  • i) Asset Valuation Reports
  • j) Environmental Impact assessment study
  • k) Market study reports
  • l) Financial Viability study reports
  • 2. Engineering Services

    • a) Basic Engineering Services
    • b) Detailed Engineering Services

    3. Project Management Services

    • a) Project Coordination Services & Procurement Assistance
    • b) Site Supervision Services

    4. Quality Inspection Services

    5. R & D Products


For any project to implement, it is essential to ensure that project ideas are viable technically and financially. The Feasibility Study/DPR will identify the technical, operational, and economic constraints of a given project prior to making investment decisions.

JPMA provides advice and support for the development and realization of new project ideas. We undertake Feasibility studies/DPR’s to give Client the basic information they need to green light a project or choose between potential investments.

These studies typically give an overview of a requirements, key challenges, required capital investments and other information deemed important to the decision-making process.

The Project Reports prepared shall mainly cover following activities.

We provides the following services:

1. Experts Visit to Project site for Data Collection

2. Preparation & Submission of Draft Project Reports

  • Executive Summary
  • Defining Basic Project Parameters
  • Mass and Energy Balances,

    • Material Balance, Steam Balance, Water Balance, Condensate & Fuel Balance

    • Electrical Power Balance & single Line Drawings.

    • Heat & Mass Balance Diagram (HMBD) for Cogeneration Plant Season/Offseason

  • Equipment Sizing
  • Technological options
  • Master Equipment Schedule
  • Section wise brief Proposed Equipment details
  • Details of Civil Foundations and Buildings
  • Effluent treatment system as per CPCB norms
  • Budgetary Cost Estimates
  • Project Time Schedule
  • Conceptual Plant Layout
  • Overall Project Cost estimates
  • Market study report
  • Environmental impact study
  • Financial Viability analysis.

3. Discussion on the Draft Project Reports

4. Preparation & Submission of Final Project Reports

Engineering Services

JPMA is having more than 45 years of experience in engineering innovation backed by our technical expertise. This experience has helped us excel with our engineering and design services required for the implementation of projects in our business areas. JPMA’s global experience makes a detailed understanding of the services to be provided possible.

Basic Engineering Services:

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Section wise flow diagrams for tending purpose
  • PID’s for tending purpose
  • Plant Layout for tending purpose
  • Conceptual piping routing for tendering purposes
  • Project time Schedule
  • Electrical Single Line Drawings

Detailed Engineering Services:

  • Preparation of Technical specifications and Data sheet for Plant and machinery Procurement
  • Defining Performance Parameters for new equipment
  • Defining Terminal Points
  • Commercial Terms and conditions for Bid document
  • Procurement assistance
  • Package wise Bid document for Plant and machinery Procurement
  • Civil BOQs
  • Package wise Bid document for Civil Works
  • Preferred Vendor List
  • Assist Client in finalization of vendor/Contractor
  • Proceedings of Pre-Bid Meeting
  • Bid Evaluation Report
  • Contract Agreement
  • Set of approved Drawings for manufacturing
  • Civil Design and BOQ for Construction of Civil, works

Quality Inspection Services (QIS):

  • Review and approval of Quality Assurance Plan
  • Visit of Quality Expert to vendors shop for Quality inspection
  • Quality Inspection of machinery & equipment at supplier’s works as per the approved quality assurance plan
  • Witnessing Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Conduct stage Wise quality inspection
  • Preparation of Quality inspection Report
  • Issuing Clearance Certificate
  • Inspection waver certificate for non-critical equipment
  • Preparation of Monthly Status report
  • Approval on Quality Assurance Plan

Project Management Services

We manage and integrate the engineering, procurement, and construction phases of the project. We act as the single point of contact for Clients, Stakeholders, Investors, Contractors and Subcontractors to timely deliver a successful project.

Skillful project management is needed to reach project goals regarding time, quality, and cost. With our best-in-class project management consultancy (PMC) services, we help clients achieve their objectives by consistently delivering remarkable projects that meet cost, quality and schedule targets. We take full responsibility for the complete end-to-end management of projects.

The Project Management services shall include following activities:

Project Coordination Services :

  • Planning, Scheduling & Monitoring
  • Project Coordination between Client, EPC contractor and Erection Contractors
  • Monitoring the Project implementation as per the schedule.
  • Engineering coordination activities between the EPC contractor and sub-contractors involved in the project.
  • Contract Management
  • Monthly Progress Review Reports from Consultants Home office
  • Experts Visits to Project Site to Review project Progress and to attend Review meetings
  • Technical Clarifications from home office as required

Site Supervision & Monitoring Services:

  • Site Kick of Meeting with Contractors and Client.
  • Updated Project Time Schedule
  • Supervising the site machinery erection works & civil works
  • Supervision and administration of the Procurement, Construction, delivery, testing, training and commissioning programs
  • Monitoring and controlling Quality and Quantity at site construction, installation, and delivered material
  • Project Planning monitoring, updating, reporting, administration and control
  • Conduct monthly review meeting with all stake holders
  • Preparation of Monthly Project Progress Review Report
  • Arrange Weekly Meetings with Contractors and Client and Prepare proceedings.
  • Review of Site Erection Protocols
  • Review of Performance trials reports
  • Certifying Contractors Progress Bills
  • Scrutiny of payment invoices by Contractors & Approvals
  • Review of Commissioning procedures for performance trials
  • Monitoring the Quality Assurance plans from the EPC Contractor
  • Quality Checks During Erection Activities
  • Supervision of adherence to safety regulations
  • Comprehensive plan for the organization, staffing, training and smooth operation of the plant
  • Hand Over Report


JPMA conducts energy audit in the industry in order to save energy.

The primary objective of Energy Auditing in sugar industry is to achieve and maintain optimum energy generation from bagasse and its utilization in process, with an aim to minimize energy costs without affecting product quality and its cost of production.

JPMA offers comprehensive, customized energy saving solutions to its Clients. We carry detailed Energy Audits to provide our clients with complete solutions to improve the energy efficiency of their plant and meet current industry benchmarks.We have our team of BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) certified Energy Auditors. Our Energy Auditors are well experienced and have carried audits in many industries. We are well equipped with all necessary instruments such as Power Analyzers, Flue Gas Analyzers, Infra-red non-contact, Multimeter

R & D Products

An important activity of JPMA is development of innovative new designs. Several of the designs developed have been patented. These are of specially designed towards improvement of technology for introduction into the sugar industry.

It is JPMA’s constant endeavor to develop and use innovative designs & processes while providing services. JPMA has in house developed following products. These are marketed and supplied by our sister concern company Jyoti Sugar Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

  • Moisture Control Unit (MCU)
  • JPMA Mill Coupling
  • Cane Fibrizer
  • Clarifier Upgradation For Capacity Increase
  • Continuous Juice Sulphiter
  • Continuous Sulphur Burners
  • Continuous Vertical Crystallizers
  • Direct Contact Juice Heaters
  • Milling System Improvement
  • Pressure Feeders
  • Semi Kestner Evaporators
  • Vacuum Pans (With Mechanical Circulators)
  • Retubing and Upgradation of Boiler
  • Modern Jaggery Plant
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