Ongoing Projects :

  • • Feasibility study report for expansion of sugar factory from 5,000 TCD to 13,000 TCD and Cogeneration for Distillery expansion from 200 KLPD to 600 KLPD. Syrup / BH molasses and Grain shall be sued as feedstock.
  • • Bankable-Detailed Project Report for 120 KLPD Grain-Based Ethanol Plant.
  • • Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for 180 KLPD Spent Wash Dryer with Granulation plant for PDM (potash derived from Molasses)
  • • Preparation of feasibility study report for expansion sugar plant from 5000 TCD to 13000 TCD, suitable co-generation plant matching steam and power balance.
  • • Milling plant optimization.

Project recently completed in last one year. :

  • • Feasibility Study Report-500 KLPD Bio-Ethanol plant from Grain as feedstock
  • • Detailed Project Report for 10 KLPD, 40 KLPD& 100 KLPD Juice-Based Ethanol Plant.
  • • Feasibility Study Report-100 KLPD Bio-Ethanol plant from Cassava Tubers.
  • • Bankable-Detailed Project Report -100 KLPD Grain Based Ethanol Plant.
  • • Bankable-Detailed Project Report-150 KLPD Grain Based Ethanol Plant.
  • • Project Management Services up to contractor finalization for 4400 TCD, 300 KLPD Juice/Syrup based ethanol plant with 200 KLPD grain processing plant.
  • • Consultancy Services for Preparation of Detailed Project Report for setting up Grain Based Distillery Plants – 100 KLPD.
  • • 100 KLPD Grain based Ethanol plant, Consultancy Services for Preparation of Bankable DPR (Detailed Project Report).
  • • Consultancy Services for Preparation of Feasibility Study Report for setting up new 100 KLPD Dual feed (Molasses/Syrup and Grain based) Distillery Plant.
  • • Consultancy Services for preparation of Feasibility Study Report for converting existing 60 KLPD molasses based Distillery plant to Grain based Distillery.
  • • Grain based Distillery 350 KLPD, Consultancy Services for Preparation of Bankable-Detailed Project Report.
  • • Consultancy services for Expansion of existing 120 KLPD molasses based Distillery to 400 KLPD dual feed Distillery plant with financial viability.
  • • Consultancy Services for Technical Assessment of existing Distillery Plant for expansion purpose.
  • • Technical Audit of 120 KLPD Distillery Plant.
49 Years of Experience

Welcome to J. P. Mukherji and Associates (JPMA)

It would be appropriate to call us India’s first true sugar multinational. Since 1972, we have provided the full range of services to the sugar industry – from conceptualization to commissioning of projects. Setting up full-fledged, fully operational and compliant sugarcane processing complexes is our specialty.

In addition to sugar plants, we also offer consulting and commissioning of bagasse/ bio-mass based cogeneration, power generation and molasses, grain-based distilleries and ethanol projects. If you are setting up a sugar plant, we are the people to talk to. With a truly global presence, a highly professional team and unmatched experience, we will offer you a very sweet deal indeed.


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